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A successful company knows that for a business to succeed it must adapt, evolve and grow as technology changes. Not recognizing that change is a dynamic force in the consumer marketplace, many web site design companies do not implement effective strategies that take into account the growth of a company. Edge Digital Inc. continues in its efforts to expand upon its services, making sure to keep up with the times. We continuously build strong relationships with our clients, maintaining the web site if requested. We also develop excellent relationships with consultants and vendors who provide us with discounts on exceptional services, thereby allowing us to pass along those discounts to our clients.

Being a results driven firm, to date, Edge Digital Inc. has serviced and supported over 10,000 hours of website design in addition to providing complete web design solutions, high quality digital services, SEO services and cost effective prices. Because our goal is to serve our clients better than any other company, we don’t just build web sites, but we make sure to provide customized eye-catching web sites in addition to getting your company listed in all major search engines, faster than anyone else, guaranteed. It is our intention to help your company have a powerful identity on the web.

Inevitably, a new approach must be taken to attract and keep clientele. What differentiates Edge Digital Inc. from other web design companies is its strong focus on an array of innovative services. Our Main services include:


Edge Digital Inc. provides the full realm of website services: domain name registration, design, hosting, search engine placement, maintenance, E-commerce solutions, updates and more.

There is no better marketing tool available today than a professionally produced website. A website has the ability to enhance communications between your company and your clients, conduct E-commerce with a shopping cart and credit card applications, or serve as a dynamic online presentation of your products and services. No matter the reasons for your website, we understand the responsibility of transferring your website’s productivity to the bottom line.

The possibilities are endless and Edge Digital Inc. can design a website specific to your needs. Visit our portfolio to see the variety of site styles we have designed, constructed and placed on the world wide web.

Professionally executed logo, print and website design lay the foundation for your unique business identity and your credibility as a formidable force in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

If you’re a small start-up business establishing a new branding effort, a large corporation revitalizing a stale one or somewhere inbetween, discover the Edge Digital Inc. difference.


Designing Lasting Impressions for Your eCommerce Business

We all know that first impressions count, but those impressions count even more online. You have less than ten seconds to capture the attention of a typical online shopper. To come out on top, your eCommerce website needs to create a memorable experience that leaves your visitors with a lasting impression.

This short attention span demands eCommerce store owners place keen emphasis on their website design. There are many intricate nuts and bolts to building an eCommerce web site: programming, usability, features, navigation, and security. But, a successful eCommerce web site design is at the forefront because it’s ultimately what turns visitors into buyers.

eCommerce Designs that Convert!

The talented designers at Edge Digital Inc. inc. have been creating memorable experiences for online shoppers.

Don’t lose another visitor because of a poor eCommerce design. Talk with a consultant today and learn how we can partner with your business and create a memorable online shopping experience for your visitors.